CDR2 DVB-T COFDM Video Receiver for Drones, UAV, and UGV

L-Band - S-Band - C-Band

AMP’s CDR2 Series COFDM DVB-T video receivers are designed for secure, high quality video reception in high multipath and urban environments.

The CDR2 has low power draw, excellent sensitivity, and features such as full frequency band channelization, MPEG4 Part-10/H.264 video decoder, DVB-T bandwidth settings, and stereo audio. Frequency may be selected remotely.

CDR2 receivers are designed to withstand harsh environments and are ideal for UAV, UGV, military, and other applications requiring high quality video receiver in a compact, rugged package.

Available Standard Frequencies

Lower L-band 1700-1850 MHz
S-Band 2200-2400 MHz
C-Band 4400-5000 MHz

*Custom frequencies are available.

Product Documents
pdf CDR2 Datasheet
pdf CDR2 Model Number Builder

Compatible COFDM Transmitters
pdf CDT2 Series Transmitters

COFDM Video Receiver Features
  • 24 Cubic Inch Package (3.50”x6.75”x1.00”)
  • Full Frequency Band Channelization
  • Remote Frequency and Configuration Selection
  • 6/7/8 MHz DVB-T Bandwidths
  • Narrowband Options Available
  • MPEG4 Part-10/H.264 Compression
  • 2 Audio Channels
  • Optional AES 128 or 256 Bit Encryption
  • Diversity Antenna Configuration
  • Supports Composite Video and SD-SDI

Excellent Digital Video Receiver for Urban Multipath Environments!