HSF1 Power Amplifier for Drones, UAV, and UGV

AMP’s HSF1 Series 1.4 cubic inch High Power Amplifiers (HPAs) are designed to be mated with AMP’s FMT1 FSK transmitters.

The HSF1 module provides up to 4 selectable output power levels including 250mW, 500mW, 1W, and 2W levels. Input and output RF power detection is used in conjunction with AMP’s proprietary output power leveling circuitry and tuning algorithm to provide constant output power at all output power levels across the frequency band.

With military telemetry heritage, HSF1 HPAs are designed to withstand harsh environments and are ideal for Drones, UAS, UAV, UGV, Military, and other applications requiring efficient, high quality video/audio/data transmission in a compact, rugged package.

Available Standard Frequencies

UHF (43) 433.0-434.8 MHz
UHF (86) 868.0-870.0 MHz
UHF (91) 902.0-928.0 MHz
ISM S-Band 2400-2500 MHz

*Custom frequencies are available.

FCC Licensing

Product Documents
pdf HSF1 Datasheet
pdf HSF1 Model Number Builder
pdf HSF1 Quick Start Guide
pdf H Series Manual

Compatible Transmitters
pdf FMT1 FSK Data Transmitter

Encrypted Video Transmitter Features
  • 1.4 Cubic Inch Package (1.25” x 3.00” x 0.375”)
  • Weighs < 1.5 oz.
  • Up to 2 Watts RF Output Power
  • Up to 4 Selectable Power Modes
  • Full Band Power Leveling
  • Compatible with AMP FMT1 Transmitters
  • Dedicated PA Enable Pin
  • Temperature Indication and Fold-Back (Remote Control)
  • J-STD-001D Class 3 Assembly (Medical/Aerospace)

Boosts the Power of AMPs FMT1 FSK Data Transmitter!